About Me

Why photography? Well, I used to have an eidetic, or photographic, memory. Then all of a sudden, a tumor that had been growing in my brain for 18 years made it's presence known and I had to have extensive surgery - goodbye tumor, but also goodbye photographic memory. Where I once was able to vividly recall details like what color sweater you were wearing, the weather, and what exact phrases you said in a conversation we had on May 1st 2001, I now rely on photos to remember moments and details. Photos are extremely important to me because they capture the beauty and detail in an ephemeral world; life is too short, yet can you even remember most of it?

I live...

  • In Santa Rosa, California

  • Each day to the fullest, which sometimes means skipping the real dishes and playing pretend in the play kitchen 

  • Off coffee and banana nut muffins I bake with my 2 year old each week

I laugh...

  • At myself when I wear two different shoes outside (mommy brain is real!)

  • At my favorite shows no matter how many times I've watched them (The Office, Scrubs, Parks and Rec)

  • At my husband's funny (and sometimes not funny) Dad jokes

  • My circus: two little boys, two little dogs, and loving husband 

  • Christmas - my "love language" is giving gifts. What's yours?

  • Photography! (of course) My other hobbies (when I'm not busy raising a family and owning a business) include cycling, archery, and hiking

I Love...

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Santa Rosa, CA 95407


Tel: 408-823-1650

Instagram: @EphemeralElizabeth

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