• Elizabeth P

Calm before the Lightning Storm

We did a lot of camping this year, and happened to be at Doran Beach the night of the lightning storms that sparked the wildfires all over California. It was a beautiful evening the night before, and I enjoyed taking my son's 18 month photos on the beautiful warm sand dunes. We almost slept with the rain fly open on the tent because it was so nice out! Luckily we didn't, because at 4am the wind started howling and our unsecured kettle and pots were blown over. I ran out of the tent with a headlamp on to secure our belongings from the wind and impending rain, and saw lightning flashing from the South, East, and West - I felt like I was in a fishbowl of lightning! I grabbed my camera and headed down to the beach parking lot. I was foggy minded and bleary eyed from waking up so early, and I was totally unprepared for shooting lightning - I'd never done it before - but managed to capture a particularly giant burst. Where were you the night the state lit on fire?

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