• Elizabeth P

Welcome! Feeling Lucky?

Updated: May 6, 2019

Thanks for joining me on this journey! I’ve taken many photos since the fateful day my husband gave me my first DSLR for my 26th birthday. Now 4 years later, I am turning 30 - identity crisis! I wasn’t 100% happy or fulfilled with my day job so with my family’s encouragement, I decided to take the leap and put myself out there in the hopes of helping other families capture precious memories.

How do you know what you’re meant to do? That’s a hard question. I have an easier one for you. What would you do if you won the mega million dollar lottery? I was day dreaming about this (is it called daydreaming still if it’s the middle of the night but you’re awake nursing a fussy infant?) and the answer was simple. After I paid off my debts and bought new houses for various family members, I would buy all the camera gear I could dream of: top of the line camera body, lenses, flashes, backdrops, props, and of course a studio to house it all in. Duplicated in my hometown and in Hawaii, where of course we would have a vacation home.

The next morning, I thought to myself; if that’s what I’d do if I won the lottery, then clearly that’s where my passion is; I don’t need to win the lottery to do more of it. I can start small, and see where this journey takes me. Not all of us can make a living off our passions, but I know I’d regret it 30 years from now if I didn’t give it a shot.

What would you do if you won the lottery?

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